Pocklingtons Dacia

North Holme Road, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 0HS

Tel: 01507 608080  
Fax: 01507 610330

Pocklington Renault of Louth

Pocklington Renault of Louth Dacia

Cars that favour function over frivolity. We've made an enemy of the unnecessary. Because we believe you should only pay for what you need. We make a simple range of cleverly designed, quality vehicles. Our prices are clear and straightforward, whether you buy online or at our nationwide retailers.

Our first model, the Dacia Duster 5-seat SUV, starts at £8,995. Maybe that's why we're the fastest growing car brand in Europe and have been since 2004. And now we're here in the UK. Hope to see you soon.