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  • Renault Car Service from £92.00
  • Renault Car Cambelt from £299.00
  • Renault Car Brake Pads & Discs from £199.00
  • Renault Car MOT Test from £44.00

  • Renault van Service from £129.00
  • Renault van Cambelt from £299.00
  • Renault van Brake Pads & Discs from £199.00
  • Renault van MOT Test from £44.00

  • Renault EV Service from £99.00
  • Renault EV Air-Con Service from £99.00
  • Renault EV Brake Pads & Discs from £199.00
  • Renault EV MOT Test from £44.00

  • Renault Cars Service from £121.00
  • Renault Cars Cambelt from £299.00
  • Renault Cars Brake Pads & Discs from £199.00
  • Renault Cars MOT Test from £44.00

  • Renault Car MOT Test from £44.00
  • Renault Van MOT Test from £44.00
  • Renault EV MOT Test from £44.00
  • Dacia Car MOT Test from £44.00

MOT Tests can be booked for Class 4 & Class 7 vehicles. These Classes cover the vast majority of cars and goods vehicles (up to 3.5 tonne design gross weight).

Pocklingtons Retest Policy

If your vehicle fails its MOT test and is left at our dealership to be repaired, there will be no additional fee for a retest. If your vehicle is removed from our premises to be repaired and is then returned for an MOT retest within 10 working days following the day of the initial failure, only a partial retest is needed and so a partial retest fee may be charged. Only one partial retest is allowed for each full test. In any other case, a full retest or an appeal test will incur a full MOT Test fee.

Free Vehicle Health Check

Every vehicle that comes into our Pocklington Renault workshop will receive a complimentary Vehicle Health Check. This check is carried out on your vehicle so that we can plan maintenance and keep your vehicle working in excellent condition.

Why have a Vehicle Health Check?

By taking advantage of our free Vehicle Health Check, your vehicle will be looked at by our Renault trained technicians who will put your vehicle through its paces in order to keep it on the road and in its best condition.

What is included on a Vehicle Health Check?

At Pocklington Renault, we check the following items and more at each Vehicle Health Check:

  • Condition of Brake Discs & Pads
  • Fluid Levels
  • Lights
  • Wiper Blades
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Tyre Condition

Traffic Light System

A traffic light system is used on the report to advise whether your vehicle is safe, recommended work is required, or if it requires urgent attention.

  • - All OK and safe
  • - Maintenance work recommended, but not urgent
  • - Urgent attention is required

Servicing, Repairs and MOT at Pocklington Renault of Louth

Peace of mind

A genuine Renault service from a Renault main dealer - like us - guarantees peace of mind. You can enjoy your motoring, whatever the conditions or distance, because you know your vehicle has been maintained using genuine manufacturer approved parts, fitted by manufacturer trained experts.

You can be confident about its residual value, Renault main dealers provide the genuine Renault service and competitive costs of ownership that guarantee this. We have invested extensively in staff training and state-of-the art service equipment for precisely these reasons. Another garage may give you too little or too much in a service. A genuine Renault service guarantees your vehicle gets the correct maintenance and approved service schedules, regardless of age or mileage.

No hidden extras

Our menu pricing system gives you fully inclusive prices. Parts, oils, fluids and VAT are all included. It's fully transparent, so you'll know up front exactly what you'll pay.

Value for money
Service and Repair costs from Pocklington Renault are highly competitive.

Care and convenience

We take steps to make the process of looking after your car as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

If you don't own a Renault?

We can service, repair and MOT all makes with just the same level of care and quality - contact for details To make an appointment for your vehicle please telephone our Service Team on 01507 608080 (option 1) or send us details through the contact us section.

Quality - a matter of safety and value

The quality of materials guarantees the durability of longevity of Original Renault Parts. Tests are performed on each part to ensure that it meets Renault's high standard in geometry, elasticity limits, breaking strains and resistance to knocks and temperature effects.

Safety - a constant concern

Renault uses all its know how to improve the safety of its vehicles. Thousands of tests are undertaken to give its parts better performance, durability and flexibility. We have for example increased the surface area of the windscreen and enhanced the headlight range to improve visibility.

Renault clean vehicles - we care about the environment

Over 90% of the weight of original parts of vehicles specific to Renault can be recycled thanks to a more systematic use of recycled or recyclable materials. We also concentrate all our efforts on reducing the harmful effects cars have on the environment by reducing emissions and noise pollution.

Innovation at the forefront of technology

Renault registers about 700 patents every year, which demonstrates its desire for innovation that advance the pleasure and safety of the driving experience. Each bodywork part plays a major role in vehicle reliability. The Renault industrial process is at the very forefront of technology and is subject to continuous technological checks during manufacture.

Unique design

Renault puts design high in its list of priorities. Renault's genuine parts fit perfectly to your Renault which ensures that the original design of the vehicle can be maintained without disturbing its aesthetics.

For all parts enquiries telephone our Parts Team on 01507 608080 (option 2) or send us details of your needs using the contact us section.

Accessories - Make your Renault your own

Workday commuting or weekend adventure, we offer a great range to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Genuine accessories are approved for safety and quality. A Sport Styling Kit or a towbar for the caravan, a child seat or bike rack - or a set of carpet mats. Take a look. There's bound to be something extra to add to your Renault, right here.

Child Seats and Safety
Renault have developed a range of child seats which meet the same high standards as the adult safety systems.

Paint Protection and Valeting
Protect your car's interior and exterior and keep it factory-fresh with our paint protection and valeting ranges.

A wide selection of branded items. From F1 and cars, you'll be surprised at the range available.

All the information you need across the range, including satellite navigation and Bluetooth.

For even more information click on the following link to the renault after care brochure

For all accessory enquiries telephone our Parts Team on 01507 608080 (option 2) or send us details of your needs using the contact us section.

Renault Accessories

From time to time your vehicle needs some attention and who better than Pocklington Renault to look after your vehicle? Our technicians are specially trained to know everything there is to know about the Renault product and will use genuine Renault parts to maintain the original build quality of the vehicle.

The majority of problems can be avoided by regular servicing. The timing belt on your vehicle is a very important element and like every wear and tear item, it suffers from some level of deterioration. Our technicians can ensure that it is changed at the appropriate time.

Timing belts are typically covered by metal or polymer timing belt covers which require removal for inspection or replacement. Engine manufacturers recommend replacement at specific intervals. The manufacturer may also recommend the replacement of other parts, such as the water pump, when the timing belt is replaced because the additional cost to replace the water pump is negligible compared to the cost of accessing the timing belt. In an interference engine, or one whose valves extend into the path of the piston, failure of the timing belt (or timing chain) invariably results in costly and, in some cases, irreparable engine damage, as some valves will be held open when they should not be and thus will be struck by the pistons. Timing belts must be replaced at the manufacturer's recommended distance and/or time periods. Failure to replace the belt can result in complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure. The owner's manual maintenance schedule is the source of timing belt replacement intervals, typically every 60,000 to 90,000 miles (approx 96,000 to 144,000 kilometres). It is common to replace the timing belt tensioner at the same time as the belt is replaced.

For a quote or to make an appointment to have your cambelt changed please telephone our Service Team on Pocklington Renault of Louth (option 1) or send us details through the contact us section.

With all the talk of inflation, with car costs to the fore in terms of rising fuel costs, customers can be reassured that they can inflation-proof their future servicing needs and spread the cost of essential maintenance, through a simple, interest free monthly payment.

Today's cars when correctly serviced are increasingly reliable, but car maintenance is something that is an ongoing task and, no matter what the time of year, there are essential checks that should be regularly undertaken to make your driving experience a safer one.

Please note this information is for guidance only. It is not a full vehicle check and no liability for any actions arising from following this guidance can be accepted.

The penalties for having illegal tyres are currently up to a £2500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre, but beyond this there are safety and economy reasons for ensuring your tyres are legal.

Check your tyres on a weekly basis for tread depth; tread condition, inflation pressure, tread/sidewall damage, any signs of irregular wear. If in doubt seek our advice to determine the suitability of the tyre for further use.

The legal minimum tread depth for cars is 1.6mm in a continuous band throughout the central three-quarters of the tread width, throughout the whole of the circumference; but during the winter the AA recommend a minimum of 3mm is essential because the deeper tread will be more effective at clearing water.

Windscreen Wash & Wipers
In winter poor lighting and weather conditions can reduce (or impair) visibility. Always have your windscreen washer bottle topped up and add a proprietary cleaning additive for best results. If your windscreen wipers are not cleaning effectively drop into us to have them checked out.

Under the Bonnet
Ensure you check your oil levels and that your radiator is topped up as per your car's specifications (including the right mix of anti-freeze). We can help; if unsure ask us to show you how to check these important fluid levels.

Keep it Clean!
We all know that at certain times of the year it seems that as soon as you have washed your car that it gets dirty and you right back to square one again. Despite the frustration that this can cause it is vital for visibility that the vehicle is regularly washed. As a minimum keep the following clean; lights, mirrors, all glass, and number plates. When you keep your car clean you not only minimise the impact that the dirt and road salt can have on the vehicle but we all know how much better it feels to drive a car that looks at its best!

All cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles more than 3 years old need to have an MOT, so if your car is in this age category make sure you have it tested through us. In 2007 8,474,552 late MOT's were reported and risked incurring a £60 Penalty. Check when your next MOT is due and then diarise it at least two weeks before the due date and then book it in.

The MOT test certificate relates only to the condition of the testable items at the time of the test and should not be regarded as evidence of their condition at any other time; nor should it be accepted as evidence of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle. To keep your car in optimum condition ensure it is regularly serviced as per the manufacturer guidance.

Drive to the Conditions
Winter brings with it a whole range of conditions that make driving more difficult; ice, snow, more rain, standing water, higher winds, darker mornings and nights, a greater risk of flood, low dazzling sun and wet leaves are just some of the conditions that are exacerbated in the winter. In wintry conditions always ensure that the windscreen is clear before setting off. If it is frosty or icy use an ice scraper to fully clear all windows, adjust the demisting controls to the appropriate setting, ensure the rear screen is demisted, remove any snow or fallen leaves that might block your view and check your mirrors are cleaned.

When on the move, allow some extra time for your journey, leave extra space for braking, be courteous to and aware of other drivers and pedestrians and take your time, remember 'arrive alive'.

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions raised by our customers, we hope that you find them helpful.

Q. Can I get a service plan on a new or used car?
A. Yes, we can provide a service plan on virtually all new and used cars.

Q. Do I have to buy the service when I purchase the car, or can I buy it later?
A. You can buy a service plan after you have purchased your car, simply contact Pocklington Renault.

Q. What is the difference between a warranty and a service plan?
A. At a simple level a warranty will cover repair or replacement of defective parts subject to terms and conditions; on the other hand a service plan provides all the routine service work as specified by the manufacturer.

Q. What happens if I sell the car, can the service plan be transferred?
A. Yes it can be transferred and thus add value to the car's value; a value that will already have benefited by the availability of a full service history.

For more information or to price up a service plan for your car please telephone us on 01507 608080 or send us details through the contact us section.